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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Review: The Subject of Polka Dots

The Subject of Polka Dots
by Giulietta Jones

What with Mom's exploding aspic, storing the neighbor's puppy with the linen, Dr. Stansom's steel gray eyes and deep dish voice, and my new polka dot summer dress, romance had to blossom. Right? No, way. Not after Dr. Stansom ordered me to strip and I told him to go jump. That's when we had our little chat. You know the one, where I was Mrs. Flowers and he was the gorilla learning how to operate fruit. It all worked out. True love did blossom, though we stay away from blue polka dots now. For the puppy's sake.

What a hoot! This story was the best thing I’ve read in some time, long or short. From the beginning paragraph -- Take my advice. Never wear blue when you’re trying to crown a man with office accessories. It affects them strangely. Men, that is. Plastic products don’t seem to care much, either way. -- to the last few words, I didn’t stop giggling. This story packs a pile of entertainment into seven short pages.

Our heroine, Mrs. Miss Deli... er... the person telling the story, has a dry, quick sense of humor and doesn’t miss even one chance for a punch line. Because the story is so short, it’s tough for me to tell you what it’s about, but suffice it to say if you’re a fan of quirky comedy (ala Jennifer Crusie) and you don’t mind it in a short form with a “hopefully ever after” instead of a “happily ever after” you’re going to LOVE this story.

I know I did.

Review by Poppy