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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Review: When the World Is Right

When the World is Right
by Margo Hoornstra

Brian Hawthorne never meant to hurt his wife Casey, but he had. He never meant for them to fight. But they did. Hadn’t meant to spend the night alone at a hotel. But he did that too. Now all Brian wants to do is make amends. Assure Casey of his love. But, will she accept the gift he’s brought her and forgive him? And make their world right once again.

"When the World is Right,' gets contemporary romance just so cuddly-right!

The cover image says it all, from contemplative man to round-eyed kitten. Brian is admirably (although apparently slowly) sensitive, and Casey, the upset wife might give you a little glint of self-recognition.

The overall warmth of this story is carefully supported by the physical descriptions within. The snowy day, the warmth of the Dutch colonial architecture, and even the little calico kitten contribute to the heartwarming aura. The writing is vibrant and descriptive and places the reader right into each scene.

This is the ultimate feel-good romance; I'll be looking for Hoornstra's next.

Review by Snapdragon