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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Review: Truly Madly

Truly Madly
by Alicia Dean

A broken heart drove her away--a family tragedy brought her back.

After her parents’ murder/suicide, Isabelle Connelly returns to her home town to settle their estate. But a year later, with her business concluded, Isabelle still hasn’t left, even though she has every reason to. The townspeople shun her because of her family’s history of mental instability, she hasn’t gotten over her feelings for the man who shattered her heart, and now she’s a suspect in a murder and mysterious house fire.

Someone is out to frame Isabelle for the crimes. Failing that, it appears they plan to make Isabelle their next victim.

What could be better than a short murder mystery, all tied up with a romance? Well, add that dash of 'thriller' and you have "Truly Madly" by Alicia Dean. Her tense plot will keep you guessing -- and hoping!

Lovely and creative Isabelle Connelly could never be prepared for murder in the family. Even less so, the aftermath. Everyday, she copes with secrets, lies, gossip... and a terrible fear of what genetics might just mean to her. "What everyone says" is largely about her own folks. Friends do stand by her, from baker Brandon to handsome local cop Rick Hutchings.

But when the next murder happens; she might even be her own first suspect! The immediacy of the first person point of view gives this tale a powerful, visceral impact. The unpredictable storyline carries the reader through a whirlwind of emotions - not only from fear, to gratitude, but to downright hate. An amazing and powerful murder, romance, and more. Wow! You won't be disappointed by this exciting story!

Review by Snapdragon