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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Review: Tales From the Treasure Trove Vol. 2

Tales from the Treasure Trove Vol 2
a Jewels of the Quill Anthology by Bardsley, Hunter, Desmet, Pirri, Weisnet, & Toombs

SIX DISTINCTIVE AUTHORS offer new, short, exciting Tales from the Treasure Trove—each featuring a sparkling jewel!

SIX COMPELLING COUPLES discover romance, magic, suspense, danger, second chances, forbidden love, and the supernatural.

SIX ENTERTAINING SITUATIONS feature psychic lovers, spinsters and rogues, shape-shifters, topless touring boats, mysterious jewels…and even humans as an endangered species!

Hunter's Garnet Lake is the jewel of the collection. Her descriptions are thorough, and her places evoke an aura that carries the whole story along. From the buzz of the busy dragonfly at the lakeside to the intense lovemaking by the shore, her thorough descriptions make you feel like you are there.

In Toombs' The Turquoise Cat, main character Olivia has a mystery to solve... and this short packs all the punch of a full lenth thriller.

Pirri's For the Love of Saphire is both heartfelt and heartwarming; an historical notable for its outstanding characters. The intense feelings of her main character, Saphire are engaging. Her dialogues, while not snappy, offer a very plausible picture of the people, and their expectations.

Bardsley's Heart of Obsidian is a a real breath of fresh air among some really intense stories: you'll laugh out loud reading this super comic romance. Everyone in this story seems to not really be who they are (enter the psychic who's really a mechanic) and you will laugh your way from one unexpected event to the next.

The Amethyst Star by Weisner offers an intensely imagined, futuristic world that won't fail to thrill the paranormal fan.

Misbehavin' in Moonstone by DeSmet features a clever businesswoman, Kirsten, who's main goal is improving her business. She's the take charge sort who's almost comically surprised when she discovers the tables turned!

The stories are unified by superb writing styles, a frequently unpredictable twist, but all stand apart as distinct, original stories. A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend your time!

Review by Snapdragon