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Friday, May 16, 2008

Review: Spark of Magic

Spark of Magic
by Lily Stone

When she pulls into the driveway of the crumbling mansion, Britt knows this is no ordinary job. The place needs more than her electrician's touch; that much is obvious. And the sparks that fly when she sets eyes on owner Marc McDaniels aren't all from the faulty wiring. But will a witch's spell, an escaping toddler, and impending danger short-circuit their sizzling attraction?

"Spark of Magic" is exactly what its title suggests: a spark of something magical between Britt, a pretty electrician and Marc, her handsome client. The circumstances that bring them together are portrayed in a cute and believable way with just enough humor running through it to bring a smile to my face.

With only about eleven pages to it, Lily Stone manages to create a vivid world for these two and the descriptions are colorful and effortless. If there was any issue for me, it was that the story was too short! It was a wonderfully written piece and I found myself flipping through the pages rapidly to find out just what could possibly happen next as Britt’s attraction to the man reaches the highest pinnacle within a few paragraphs.

Its funny knowing why Marc isn’t particularly aware of Britt’s interest (not the typical male “huh?” reaction either) and I got a good chuckle out of Britt’s antics to express that interest. With magic in the air and a bouncy little toddler you can’t help but love, Ms. Stone’s story was an effortless combination of humor and chemistry (even a little danger!) that became an instant winner and is sure to leave you smiling.

Review by Narcissus