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Monday, May 5, 2008

Review: Pigmalion

by Sharon Buchbinder

Graduate student Levisa Harris is focused on finishing her Master's thesis on Baltimore dialects and only needs one more volunteer to complete her study. After a homecoming game, she meets Sam Parker, a handsome man with an interesting accent. But he's not interested in being a "guinea pig." An accounting major from the poor
side of town, Sam soon finds out that his "Bawlamerese" is getting in the way of his career. Swallowing his pride, he agrees to be in Levisa's study in exchange for free lessons. A dream job at a big accounting firm is within his reach, but only she can teach him proper speech—in four months! Little does Levisa know that tutoring Sam will lead to passionate private lessons that take her breath away and teach her heart and body to speak the language of love.

Pigmalion by Sharon Buchbinder is one of those stories in which you will do a thousand things at once. You’ll scoff, you’ll smile, you’ll dance, you’ll squirm and at the end, you’ll burst into a big sappy ball of joy. Oh yes, it’s one of those stories.

Levisa Harris is a young woman with a brilliant mind and an excellent ear for accents. That skill leads her to Sam Parker, a hard-working young man with possibly the heaviest accent I’ve ever read. Levisa is working on a Master for Speech-Language and not only does she want Sam for her last test subject, she’s also amazingly attracted to him, something that’s throwing her logical mind into a tailspin. But Sam, an upcoming young man working on becoming big in the business world isn’t into the idea of being a guinea pig.

Until he discovers how much the business world prides clear speech.

Ms. Buchbinder delivers a delightful romp about determination, sweet passion, and a surprising love. It’s impossible not to love Levisa and Sam on the spot. Sweet and fresh-faced, their coming together is inevitable but filled with all the obstacles of a usual college romance, including one very sick young man. It’s a darling tale with a cute ending that is sure to leave you smiling.

Review by Narcissus