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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Review: More Than A Memory

More than a Memory
by Margo Hoonstra

Bad memories are rampant for newly divorced Leah Collins. Cold and alone on a late night bus ride home, she can hardly believe it when she happens to sit down next to rich, successful and still incredibly handsome Ed Barnes. The object of a teenage crush so many years ago. Ed remembers Leah too. One thing leads to another and they discover they have more in common than just memories.

Hoonstra's 'More than a Memory,' leaps so realistically from the pages, the story might be part of your own past.

Main character Leah Collins not altogether willingly finds herself in a place she'd left long ago... among people she'd not given second thought to in a decade. Sydney, Minnesota is a long way from Miami, in a whole lot of difference ways. Leah can't help comparing the who she is, to the might-have-beens.

And, when one of those might-have-beens offers dinner: well, perhaps home will be more welcoming than ever before.

Hoonstra pulls off this gentle, slightly introspective story beautifully. The short story medium was never so poignant.

Review by Snapdragon