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Monday, May 5, 2008

Review: More Than Illusions

More Than Illusions
by JT Schultz

Vampire prince Gabriel Paseillo does not intend to get married—ever. His father has other plans which involve Venice and a brooch. He insists Gabe go and get it and insists on Gabe going to Venice to track down a brooch, which he believes will guarantee him a bride. Only he wasn’t counting on finding the beautiful FBI Agent Arianna, the crime lord trying to kill her or changing his mind about marriage.

"More Than Illusions" is an original vampire adventure that had me both laughing and biting my nails.

Arianna is a great heroine. In mortal danger from a foe intent on eliminating her, I appreciated her strength; she doesn't whine or cower from danger. She's also sassy, sarcastic and has no problem staring down five-hundred-year-old master vampires, and her in-your-face attitude was a delight to watch, especially as she rocks Gabriel's world.

Gabriel is a marriage-phobic, playboy vampire prince, with dreamy blue eyes and a playful nature that I couldn't resist. His irreverent responses to his father's bellowing about his unfulfilled princely obligations — namely, to take a wife — illustrates his lacking sense of responsibility to adhere to royal traditions. I think Gabriel's devil-may-care behavior in the beginning makes his transformation into the focused protector of Arianna have that much more impact, changing from a spoiled and immature royal to a purposeful hunter. I had to fan myself from the steaminess of the sexual tension as Gabe tries to deny the magical connection between them.

The story has lots of gripping action, and caring for Gabe and Arianna as I did, I was gasping throughout as they faced each crisis. But I smiled plenty, too, enjoying the quirky humor of these unique characters. This is a must-read for paranormal lovers.

Review by Chamomile