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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Review: It's Called Love

It’s Called Love
by Rosemary Kaenel

Pamela's whiny daughter Shelley wants her to leave Edward for an easier life in town. But Pamela has an accident which brings home what is really important in life. When Shelley's true colors show, Edward emerges as a real hero, one who deserves his wife's love.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story about a husband and wife who find true love later in life and relish every minute of their time together. Edward and Pamela live a simple life, without any modern conveniences on the farm they share, but when an accident injures Pamela, their love is put to the test.

Ms. Kaenel writes a charming, heartwarming tale of how true love endures through tough times and injury. Edward is a quiet but devoted husband who’s determined to make his wife’s life easier even if it becomes harder on him. And Pamela is a down-to-earth but independent woman who must learn to let others help her when disability becomes a reality in her life.

Some parts of this story are narrative-heavy, which usually gives me pause, but in this case I thought these scenes added to the deliberate and meaningful pace of the plot. Each scene and each conversation adds to the overall theme of the story, which is that people can endure any amount of pain and discomfort if they have someone by their side who truly loves them. There is no page-turning suspense here, and no twist ending (though you’ll enjoy the quiet surprise that Edward comes up with at the end). “It’s Called Love” is simply a wonderful tribute to love starring likable, real characters, and you shouldn’t miss out on it.

Review by Dandelion