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Friday, May 9, 2008

Review: Courage Times Two

Courage Times Two
by Michele Stegman

Maggie O'Dell has finally found the courage to stand up for herself in her every day life. But now she faces a dangerous situation with a man she finds dangerously attractive. Can she find the extra courage she needs to take a chance on love?

What a cute story! I thoroughly enjoyed this short tale about Maggie, who’s determined to strike out on her own and be brave no matter what. First she quits her dead-end job. Then she ventures into a shady convenience store late at night because, after all, she needs buttermilk for her pancakes the next morning. But when Maggie finds herself smack in the middle of a robbery at gunpoint, she finds out how deep her newfound bravery really is.

The characters in this story are well-developed despite the short length. I can clearly picture attractive yet nervous Maggie; tiny toddler Shawna who wanders the aisles of the store while her mother works the register; and the handsome undercover cop who rescues them both. Details of the store and the robbery are also well captured. In fact, my only criticism of “Courage Times Two” was the backstory that started it off. The rest of the plot is so tight and fast-paced that the author’s need to introduce and explain Maggie’s past slowed it down.

Otherwise, Ms. Stegman does a fine job of showing how a few minutes in a high-adrenaline situation can reveal one’s true colors - and even lead to a little romance at the end!

Review by Dandelion