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Friday, May 2, 2008

Review: Come Green Grass

Come Green Grass
by Maxine Bridgman Isackson

Leah Clayborn is seventeen, newly orphaned and accustomed to a genteel life in Ohio. She arrives in Horse Flatts, Nebraska, in the year 1894 to make her home on a cattle ranch owned by a mysterious Uncle Simon she has never met. Despite gaining a number of good, staunch friends, Leah quickly learns that she has both known and
unknown enemies making attempts on her life. Intrigue, romance and mystery will grip the reader's interest as the characters move through a tangle of sorrow, tragedy and love. A story you will not only enjoy but also remember.

1894 is a tough year to grow up and even more so for an orphaned seventeen year-old girl who is suddenly uprooted from her home in Ohio and sent to live on a ranch in Horse Flatts, Nebraska. Her Uncle Simon and ranch life is hard for a young woman raised in a genteel household. As she makes friends on the ranch and in town it soon becomes apparent someone wants to harm her.

Come Green Grass is a captivating story of sorrow and loss, of danger and intrigue. Ms Isackson’s descriptions of 1894 ranch life allows the reader to become a part of the story, getting to know the varied characters in a more intimate way. Leah is a brave young woman, yet a wounded soul in many respects. Her plight gave me an emotional connection as her personality unfolded gradually and her grief healed. The undercurrent of danger adds an extra spice to the tale and kept me turning pages to discover who the culprit is. Come Green Grass is a satisfying way to while away an afternoon.

Reviewed by Wisteria