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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Review: Take My Hand

Take My Hand
by Angie Willis

She took his hand to break her fall, and then he took her heart.

Take My Hand by Angie Willis is a quirky contemporary romance.

Stunned Malaina Williamson opens her eyes to discover her dream man before her... inexplicably angry and accusatory. It isn't a great opening to a new relationship. Which is not exactly a big deal, as Malaina doesn't need a man in her life who'd speak to a woman that way, anyway. He might have the right looks, but his attitude is far far short of ideal. This fast paced start carries right on through this lively romance.

Malaina is a completely plausible and delightful character. She reacts to events and behavior exactly as we think she should, and her firm grip on her self esteem is refreshing. Should she even trouble to discuss matters with ill-mannered Jack Mitchell, or simply storm off in a huff? Events rather get in her way... and her funny personality is enhanced by her still rather-little girl persona manifesting itself when she is around her parents (especially 'Daddy.') Jack is obviously attracted, in spite of Malaina's strong will... but sooner or later, someone will get around to warning her about his reputation. Still, there are one or two matchmakers out there, with their eyes on the two of them.

Author Willis creates fun visuals that enhance the storyline; picture the main character, a lovely young woman, cantering her horse while wearing a white dress. Stylistically, the complexity of some sentences can slow comprehension. Descriptions are lovely, but sometimes more thorough than entirely necessary. Willis' characters absolutely shine though, and make this contemporary romance a bit of a gem.

Review by Snapdragon