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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Review: Songs of the Heart

Songs of the Heart
by Genene Valleau

Rock star Geoff Chastain seized the privileges of his celebrity status with a hunger spawned in his neglected childhood. Then an auburn-haired virgin turned his jaded world upside-down. Shannon Ausbrook loved Geoff Chastain with all the fervor in her sixteen-year-old heart. Instead of returning her love, he was stunned that she gave him her virginity. Fifteen years later, Geoff and Shannon get a second chance to prove SONGS OF THE HEART are the sweetest music of all.

A glimpse at the people behind the public facade, a look at past hurt and loss and the promise of a new beginning is what Songs of the Heart offers. It does it well, too. Geoff is a singer whose daughter died. He still mourns although he tries to move forward. Shannon has also suffered a tragic loss. She and Geoff have a history that goes back a number of years. When he sees her and realizes he still has feelings for her, Geoff acts on impulse. Will Shannon be willing to put down her sledge hammer long enough to allow the man a second chance with her?

Songs of the Heart is well written, with realistic dialogue and fully developed characters. I loved Shannon from the beginning. The author makes it easy to understand her need to tear her world apart through her renovations, gives the reader an insight into what makes Shannon feel so comfortable--and comforted by--rebuilding her surroundings. Jasper, her coffee-making dog, is loveable and makes Shannon even more endearing. Geoff's willingness to see Shannon right away made me smile. His impulsiveness is such a recognizable trait that I think many readers will see someone they know in his actions.

All in all, Songs of the Heart is an excellent tale of love and the power of healing. It shows that time does in fact heal wounds and that there are, often, second chances open to those who are willing to see them when they come their way. Songs of the Heart by Genene Valleau was an enjoyable way to pass a long afternoon.

Review by Peony