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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review: Something About That Lady

by Carol McPhee

Struggling to pick up the pieces of her life, widow Brie Beaumont accepts an invitation to visit the Circle C ranch in Canada's Rocky Mountains. Co-owner Jed Cameron distrusts Brie's motives. He is determined to protect his brother and the ranch from the red-headed gold digger. But when tragedy strikes, Jed's only hope is the woman he vowed to run off.

In SOMETHING ABOUT THAT LADY, Carol McPhee takes the reader to the breathtakingly beautiful ranch country of Alberta, Canada. Along with the heroine, Brienna Beaumont, she lures the reader into Jed Cameron Territory. Brie, still fragile from a disastrous marriage and the death of her husband, finds herself transported from the holiday atmosphere of a cruise ship to the Cameron Ranch where she’s met with Jed’s hostility that threatens to undermine all the emotional and physical healing she’s begun on the cruise.

As the reader learns about Jed’s reasons for being hostile and the story behind the scar on Brie’s cheek that is her “Badge of Shame”, a need to discover how they get past these old hurts, that have engendered so much guilt for them both, makes the reader hurry along with anticipation.

Ms. McPhee presents the reader with some unusual secondary characters. They add, spice and depth to the love story that emerges amid the troubles that beset them all. While internal and external conflicts contrive to make life troublesome for them all, Jed’s blind, gay brother and his life mate are the positive force that
never waivers. They are an intriguing sub-story in this novel.

Once initial difficulties have been overcome, love blooms, and the wedding is all set, the reader feels relief only to be propelled into a conflict and a heartbreaking turn of events. The happy-ever-after for Jed and Brie is hard-won.

SOMETHING ABOUT THAT LADY keeps the reader turning pages and holding her breath at times. I certainly recommend you pick it up and give it a try!

Review by Camellia