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Monday, April 7, 2008

Review: Silent Guardian

Silent Guardian
by Mallory Kane

Geoffrey Archer is all that stands between a madman and his next victim. When the ex-cop learns that beautiful Resa Wade is being targeted by the same suspect who had cost Geoff his career and his family, he feels duty-bound to protect her. Keeping her safe means keeping her with him—even though his instincts warn him that her presence poses a threat to his guarded heart. The closer they get, the more angry Resa's stalker becomes. Is giving in to unexpected passion the best way to flush out the perpetrator…and will Geoff and Resa be able to walk away when all is said and done?

Silent Guardian is an engrossing thriller that grabbed my attention from the first paragraph with a perfect blend of tension and romance.

The plot revolves around a serial rapist--which is not a story line I would necessarily choose--but unlike other suspense novels I’ve read and hated, the author here keeps the violence “offstage.” So rather than wallowing in the atrocity of the crime, this author chooses to show us the damage it leaves behind, and how that damage creates a bond between the hero and heroine.

The heroine, Resa, has seen her sister’s life destroyed by the rapist and is determined to bring him to justice. I really appreciated that Resa is an active character; she takes practical steps to protect herself and refuses to let the hero ignore her or her cause. The author clearly shows us Resa’s fear but without making the growing attraction between her and the hero seem unlikely. In fact, the novel crackles with sexual tension and the spicy love scenes do not disappoint.

The hero, Archer, is an even more damaged soul than Resa and the author does a good job of making us understand his pain. Archer is such a believable character that the reader is eager for his healing--both physical and spiritual--to take place. I especially liked the scenes written in Archer’s point of view; I felt they had a real authenticity and a depth of characterization that made him come alive.

The scenes from the villain’s point of view add to the horror caused by his crimes and ratchet up the suspense as the reader gains insights into his plans. The story built with just the right amount of tension and kept me absorbed until the very end.
Overall, I thought it was very well done. So, if you enjoy a suspenseful mystery wrapped around a spicy love story, Silent Guardian is well worth your time.

Review by Hydrangea

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