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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Review: A Purrfect Touch

A Purrfect Touch
by Patti Fischer

Cat On Another Mission.

Molly the matchmaking cat from “A Purrfect Love” is back, with a little help from a furry friend.

Jock in Hiding Gets Trapped.

Brock Singer is on the outs with the football fans and isn't looking for love, but ends up stranded on top of an apartment building in nothing but a robe. Good thing for him that he has company.

With a Teacher Having her Own Clothing Issues.

Jennifer Thompson takes her poodle Chewie for a walk before heading to a school Easter party she isn't looking forward to and ends up trapped with Brock. Can she prevent herself from falling for Chicago's sexiest bachelor?

With no way off, will Molly and Chewie show they have a purrfect touch when it comes to helping two people find love together?

This short story is apparently a follow-up to “A Purrfect Love,” in which Molly the Persian cat conspires to bring two lovers together. In this story, Molly is again at work, this time leading her pet-sitter, Chicago Bears quarterback Brock Singer, up to the balcony of her apartment building, where Catholic schoolteacher Jennifer Thompson is walking her poodle Chewie. While the two pets sleep in the corner, their owners waste no time getting to know each other, even though they’re stranded outside in the freezing cold – and she’s wearing a bunny costume (it’s almost Easter) and he’s wearing a robe.

The characters and the situation are both cute, if a little predictable. Brock is a handsome hunk, and Jennifer’s a gorgeous schoolteacher. When they are inadvertently locked outside on the balcony, there’s nothing else to do to pass the time, but share some light conversation and give in to the obvious attraction between them. While I thought some of the dialogue was a bit stilted, overall the story winds to a cute, happy conclusion.

I most enjoyed the scenes told from Molly’s point of view: it’s always kind of fun to watch a romance unfold from outside the hero and heroine’s heads!

Review by Dandelion