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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Review: One Dependable Man (The McBrides of Texas Book 1)

One Dependable Man (The McBrides of Texas, Book One)
by Rita Thedford

Sunny Forester gave up her dream of finding a dependable man a long time ago. After spending most of her life cleaning up the messes of lazy, shiftless Forester men she’s convinced that such an animal doesn't exist. When hunky rancher Matt McBride two-steps his way into her diner, though, all her preconceived notions about men begin to change. Vowing to repay a debt he owes to her dead brother, Matt McBride sweeps into the old diner and straight into Sunny's heart. He serves up a hefty helping of Texas-style lovin' with a side of spice for dessert, proving to this stubborn Texas woman that there is such a thing as a dependable man.

This is one of my favorite types of love stories in which the hero's family is loving, supportive and fun but the heroine's life is lonely and, well, pathetic. It's a common theme, but when done right, as it is here, the journey just makes me warm all over.

Sunny's disposition and overall outlook on life makes total sense to me. Okay, I did want to slap her a few times, especially when she doesn't allow Matt to help her, but I can understand why she reacts the way she does. Her background taught her to depend on no one but herself and certainly never to count on a man, so her actions are logical. She is feisty, determined, and hardworking — all traits I admire in a heroine, but it is her vulnerability — and her recognition of that fact, especially when it comes to Matt — that made me really like Sunny and want her to achieve the fairy tale.

Matt has got it going on! He's a ripped, tall drink of water, and he has a dimple — I can't resist dimples on a guy! He's a wealthy rancher (although Sunny doesn't know that) with the best family anyone could hope for, giving him a strong foundation for growing into the honest, responsible and dependable man that he is. Put that together with the sizzling way he looks at and thinks of Sunny, and I'd say he's a supremely scrumptious package.

The supporting cast, namely the senior ladies and Buck from the diner and Matt's family, add humor and richness to the story that I found so entertaining — I would have liked to have a bit more of Minnie, Virginia and Grace! I loved that Matt's parents are still frisky for one another. His siblings – Brynne and Jack — well, I can't wait for Book Two and Book Three to come out, because their stories are just screaming to be told. The villain is a teensy bit contrived, but not enough of a problem to hinder my enjoyment of the story.

One Dependable Man is a delightfully sensual romance that I whole-heartedly recommend!

Review by Chamomile

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