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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Review: How Much You Want To Bet?

How Much You Want to Bet?
by Melissa Blue

Neil never thought a game of pool could change the course of her life. When she plays against Gibland Winifred the Third, Neil knows she’s liable to lose the game and her heart.

Really taut and saucy, "How Much You Wanna Bet?" by Melissa Blue is freshly fascinating. This fast-paced romance features two strong-minded main characters who are both too hot to handle. If lovely Miss Neil Sullivan thought she could slip through town (and life) unnoticed, she was fooling herself from the first. And, she more than proved it to that dangerous character with the overblown name, (Gibland yada yada) from their first moments over a pool game. The challenge lay in front of her - as much a challenge to herself, as to him. Neil kept thinking she could slip on her old granny dress, and even fool herself. She wanted to be one of the guys, and not this one hot mysterious woman. Before their official first date, she had heads turning in the local bar!

Is it all just a game? If it is, it is a game we - and Neil - don't quite understand all the rules to. Her goals, as well as her challenges, only slowly become clear to us. And Gib; so smooth on the surface, doesn't just live up to the convertible-driving image, but poses some questions of his own. Ambition is more than a small part of this story, personal and professional. Is it a relationship worth gaining all the undesired attention - or is it all a delusion?

This romance is all that and more. Blue's style is unintrusive, but revealing. Her characters' souls are laid bare... as well as their deepest desires. A great read.

Review by Snapdragon