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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Review: Eternity Waits

Eternity Waits
by Susan Macatee

Alexandra Ivanov has wandered the night alone for the past three hundred years. The only man she truly loved had been taken from her on a bloody battlefield centuries ago. Now she finds herself drawn to Caleb Weathers, a virile soldier who sets her heart racing.

Caleb, a Confederate soldier stationed in Gettysburg in 1863, is intrigued by the beautiful, exotic woman who calls him by the name Dimitri. When she touches him, she sets his body and soul on fire. But is she the devil in disguise?

Do you believe in past lives? Reincarnation? For those who do, Susan Macatee creates a tender love story of both that is sure to tug your heart strings. Eternity Waits is a beautiful love story between the lovely Alexandra Ivanov and her long-lost lover, Dimitri. Alexandra is a gorgeous vampire with a broken heart, doomed it appears to walk the earth forever without her mortal lover, Dimitri.

Yet she lucks out twice, finding Dimitri’s essence in Southern Civil War soldier Caleb Weathers and later in eager beaver reporter Matt McDonnell. Written with wonderful detail and poignant emotion, I found myself sniffling as she discovers her lover in both men. You can just sense her tearful joy. It twisted my heart reading how they came to be separated and I can guarantee some sniffles when you see just how much love is between them even after death.

If there was anything I found a bit bothersome, it was the sometimes heavy prose. Occasionally, Alexandra’s words were just a smidge too dramatic for me and it was a little hard to take her seriously at those points. Yet it was so easy to understand her woe, I could forgive her and still felt for her through her trial. Ms. Macatee’s story was touching on all points and I was more than a little sad to see their story end. Grab a tissue for this one!

Review by Narcissus