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Friday, April 18, 2008

Review: Dangerous To Know

Dangerous to Know
by Nell Dixon

Be My Hero...

Jerome Mayer is tall, dark and dangerous to know. Normally, Gemma would run a mile but with a freshly broken heart maybe it's time for this good girl to take a walk on the wild side. However the danger to them both turns out to be more than just emotional when someone objects to their attempts to uncover a corrupt land deal.

This short novel about sexy environmentalist Jerome and just-jilted bridal store employee Gemma is a fun, quick read. Jerome is Gemma’s best friend’s brother, so she’s gotten all the warnings on why the guy is “dangerous to know,” not the least of which is the fact that his life is in danger since he’s protesting the development of protected land. When he asks Gemma to accompany him on a camping trip, she sheds her good girl, predictable persona and agrees. When they’re ambushed in the wild, though, she wonders if she’s taken on more than she’s ready for.

While the plot itself was cute, especially the scenes set in the wild when Jerome and Gemma are camping and photographing wildlife, I found a couple of things a little unbelievable. Jerome is a sexy, strong guy, but I wondered why he’d put a woman’s life at risk when he knows the evils of the men who are out to get him. And I found Gemma a little too wishy-washy, at times. She is brazen one moment and reserved the next. Of course, this indecision almost costs her the hero, so she manages to learn her lesson in the end!

The minor characters in this story are well-developed, including Jerome’s brother/Gemma’s best friend, Tali, and Gerald Shakespeare, the developer who seems to be behind all the vandalism. The story works its way to a high-pitched ending, including a wonderful showdown between Jerome and Gerald. I thought the characters fell in love a little too quickly, but their romance does lead to a happy ending. If you suspend your disbelief for an afternoon, you’ll find “Dangerous to Know” a satisfying, entertaining story.

Review by Dandelion