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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Review: Victory's Gate

Victory’s Gate
by Leanne Tyler

Left standing at the altar, Victoria Hamill decides to spend her honeymoon trip in Bury, Lancashire alone. However, when she finds a hidden gateway in the garden she’s transported in time to war torn Antebellum Charleston, SC. Going against convention and her assumed families wishes, Tori nurses an injured Union Captain back to health and finds her heart nurtured as well. Unsure of how she’d gotten there or when she’d return to present day, Tori decides to live for the moment and follow her heart on this path to new love.

This short tale is a sweet time travel romance. After being left at the altar, Victoria “Tori” Hamill travels to an English cottage to spend her honeymoon…alone. But when she gets tipsy on champagne and steps through the garden gate in the back yard, she travels back through time and trades places with her namesake in 1865 Charleston.

While the Civil War Victoria is wandering puzzled through 2007 England, Tori is falling in love with a Union captain in South Carolina. The gallant and handsome Sean Fitzgerald is wounded, and Tori offers to nurse him back to health, even though the rest of her family leaves her behind and accuses her of being a Yankee sympathizer. The romance that ensues between nurse and patient is charming and believable, though some readers might question Sean’s sexual prowess considering he has multiple broken ribs! I enjoyed the way Ms. Tyler addressed the issue of past vs. future; Tori must think very carefully about how her actions in 1865 will affect her life in 2007.

Though the writing does switch points of view without warning a few times, and there are some editing issues, the story has a satisfying ending once Tori returns to her present-day life (and Victoria returns to hers in the nineteenth century). All-in-all, "Victory’s Gate" is a pleasant afternoon read.

Review by Dandelion