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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Review: Turning Back

Turning Back
by JT Schultz

Joanna Mathis has lived the last seven years of her life without the man she loves and without her faith in God. Shattered by a tragedy that stole her hope and her brother’s life, she's built a wall around her heart to stop from feeling. Going Back home changes that and brings her face to face not only with her broken spirit, but Nolan Kent.

Nolan Kent has spent the last seven years missing his best friend and mourning the loss of Joanna. When she comes back into his life, he can’t help but wonder if it is to test his faith, or if it’s an answer to his prayers.

Through the hurt of the past, and shaky ground of a future, can Nolan get Joanna to realize that not only does he still love her, but the Lord does as well?

This story is an emotional look at the pain of lost faith and love and the power of forgiveness.

Joanna Mathis returns home and is faced with her guilt and forced to feel through the pain. The depth of hurt and the loss of hope and faith can be felt through the pages. Nolan has spent the last seven years loving the woman who left him. Nolan’s strength and ability to forgive so easily was moving and the unconditional love he offered was pure and reminiscent of God’s love for us.

This story had many layers dealing with hurt, betrayal, loss, guilt and fear. It also showed that the greatest healing power is love and forgiveness and the strength to accept both.

Reviewed by Lily