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Monday, March 10, 2008

Review: Ten Fantasy Wishes

Ten Fantasy Wishes
by Linda Caroll-Bradd

New in San Antonio, Ali Conrad is determined to find an intellectual man. When her dates turn out less than exciting, she emails her sister a list of ten wishes her fantasy man could provide. Her wishes start appearing but anonymously.

Ali caught apartment manager Cole Hayden's eye the day she rented the apartment. Through his computer support business, he spotted her wish list and hopes by fulfilling them he'll convince Ali to accept a date. Life gets in the way and he's not present when the wishes arrive, and Ali believes they are from another man. How far will Cole go to convince Ali he's her secret admirer?

I absolutely adored this story. What girl wouldn’t fall for a man who tries to make all her fantasies come true?

The time Ali is spending as a single gal and the reason behind it reminded me so much of myself a few years ago that I completely related to her every thought. She is very much a hopeless romantic with her list of wishes, and has an Irish streak that can cause her temper to flare.

Cole seems to be quite the charming man. He has everything a girl could want - sexy, rugged, thoughtful, handy, athletic and sentimental. Thoughts of Cole could bring on some very surprising and exciting daydreams.

The way that Cole tries to make all of Ali’s dreams come true made me smile the biggest smile and at times think about how nice it would have been to have had a guy like that after my last breakup. I find it amazing when you can relate to a character’s past and see yourself hoping they will do what you are secretly wishing will happen in the story. I found myself rooting for Cole and hoping that Ali would see the error of her ways.

Is Cole truly Ali’s happily ever after?

Review by Snowdrop