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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Review: The Summer Deal

The Summer Deal
by Aleka Nakis

Samantha Mallone is a smart, beautiful redhead who is oblivious of the magnetic affect she has on her charismatic boss.

International billionaires don’t lie to get a woman, but Demosthenis Lakis does just that to lure his assistant to Greece.

Unaware of her employer’s true motivations, Samantha eagerly prepares for a summer in the Mediterranean when her psychotic-ex calls and threatens her, prompting Mr. Lakis to arrange for her to leave New York immediately.

Abroad, Mr. Lakis changes the ground rules: They’re in Greece where formalities are foreign. Samantha becomes Sammy, and Mr. Lakis becomes Demo. Sexual tension burns as the big-eyed Sammy tours the ancient ruins on Demo’s arm and discovers his intent to show her there is more to their relationship than business.

Proving to be unlike other men from Sammy’s past, Demo puts their passionate summer deal to the test of a lifetime…

Demosthenis “Demo” Lakis, has had a rough day. He is looking to hire an assistant, but all the candidates so far do not have the needed qualities. Then Samantha Mallone steps into his office and even though she does not have the required experience, he hires her, hoping that he is not making a mistake. Soon, he realizes that he likes her as more than an assistant. However, her life is in danger. To protect her he takes her out of the country to Greece. But there he also faces a danger: loosing his heart!

Samantha “Sammy” Mallone, a fourth year law student, is excited for the opportunity to work for Lakis International. With a boss like Demo, she can ask for nothing else. But trouble is rearing its ugly head in the form of her abusive former fiancĂ©, who will not leave her alone. Will she be safe in Greece? Can she protect her life from her fiancĂ© and her heart from Demo?

The Summer Deal was a sweet story about love triumphing over evil. Demo and Sammy are everyday people trying to figure out the journey of love. This story was made more enjoyable for me thanks to the fact that while reading it, you actually feel as if you are in a Greek environment. The Greek words used and the culture explained authenticates the story and makes it more realistic. I also liked Sammy’s character who is strong enough to not let any man control her but wise enough to see the need for help in her particular situation. I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for an entertaining and interesting read!

Review by Jasmine