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Friday, March 14, 2008

Review: Strikes Don't Matter

Strikes Don’t Matter
by Denise Patrick

Gina Taylor left God behind after high school. A paralegal in a large, prestigious law firm in Salt Lake City, she's settled and content with her life. So – why does she have the feeling something is missing?

The last place Adam Wilson would choose to live is Utah. Packed off to an out-of-state college after turbulent high school years, he's established himself and is on track to achieve his dream of becoming a partner in the law firm he works for.

God, however, has other plans, and bringing Gina back into the fold with Adam's help will force them both to decide where their futures lie.

Gina Taylor, a successful paralegal, hides hurts that not even her close family members know about. She has ignored God after her young brother’s death and has been happy to live her life with her friends, family and job. But lately, she has been feeling discontent with her life and she feels a need to change. However, she has no idea what needs to be changed in her life or how to bring about that change. That is when Adam Wilson enters her life.

To please his mother, Adam has agreed to look for a job in Utah to be closer to her and to his step-family. On the way to his job interview, he runs into Gina at the law firm. He immediately wants to get to know her better. However, thinking that he will never see her again, he lets her go. But circumstances change and Adam gets to know and build a relationship with Gina. And he comes to realize that she is hiding a deep hurt that could destroy her life, if it is not dealt with. Can Adam reach out with his faith and give Gina the strength that she needs to face her demons? Will Gina see that her true strength has to come from God and that God did not abandon her?

Filled with colorful characters and an excellent storyline, this novel is very interesting to read. Gina’s journey from rejection to hope and then to faith is developed on a believable time scale. She doesn’t jump leaps and bounds but takes baby steps as she struggles to come to a place where she can trust again. Even though this book is only novella length, it had just the right amount of humor, characterization, seriousness and hope. The novel portrayed the fact that even when it seems as if nothing will work out, a new way is opened up. Reading this story often brought to mind Maria’s saying from the Sound of Music, “When God closes a door, He always opens a window”. I would recommend this book to anybody looking for a short, but insightful read!

Review by Jasmine