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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Review: Oblivious

by Cyndia Depre

Eccentric Olivia Chatham has found her life's calling. Crime buster. Tucker Monroe, the small Wisconsin town's mysterious new resident, discovers he, too, has a mission. Keeping up with her.

Cyndia Depre has created a fun, humorous, and yet suspenseful book in Oblivious.

Her main character, Olivia (named January, before her parents thought better of it), has a unique look on the world that this reader found very refreshing. She and her best friend, Josie, made me laugh at times. They seemed to be blondes trying for the "blondest award," but there is a lot of hidden depth under those blonde roots. Olivia also has a trouble with being accident prone, which comes into play as she and Tucker Monroe seek to solve a mysterious death.

Ms. Depre had created a murder mystery that will have you wondering until the last moment "who done it" and she does so while also making you wonder about the romance developing between Olivia and Tucker. See, Olivia has standards. She won't go to bed with anyone she's not married to (the main reason she has multiple husbands) and Tucker has decided he doesn't want to ever get married. So, they are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea when romance starts showing it's ugly little head.

This was a fun book and I'm looking forward to more of Ms. Depre's work.

Reviewed by Rose

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