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Friday, March 7, 2008

Review: New Life Incognita

New Life Incognita
by Gracie C. McKeever

A young black man is shot down in the streets in a drive-by. But a mistake has been made. Kelly shouldn't have died. So he's returned to Eart... in the body of a young comatose white woman married to a hot looking Latino narc cop. Can Kelly resolve the questions surrounding his death? What will happen to Amire, the woman he loved in his previous life? And, most important, can he resolve his marriage - now that he's a woman named Dagny - to another man?

New Life Incognita has a little something for everyone. Suspense, romance, humor, with a Wicca theme - reincarnation. The plot is fast paced with plenty of sharp curves to keep the readers interest. However, this is not a book for someone seeking a typical romance. The romantic relationship between Tyler and Kelly/Dagny was definitely outside the ’normal’ boundaries. Ms. McKeever did a wonderful job establishing their relationship. When Kelly wakes in Dagny’s body the marriage is over, he must regain Tyler’s trust and love. Build their relationship from the ground up.

The character of Kelly/Dagny is delightful. I laughed out loud several times as Kelly comes to grips with his ’woman’ body. The reader will find the growth of the character of Kelly/Dagny moving. Kelly continually tries to regain Tyler’s trust, to set things right in his past life, and has a great sense of humor while doing it.

Tyler is the reluctant hero. His feelings for Dagny are only ones of hostility. When she wakes from the coma and returns to their house, he finds himself wanting to trust her again, to give their marriage another shot. His emotions for Dagny are complete and understandable. Tyler also has issues from his past that he needs to deal with.

Ms. McKeever develops a wonderful cast of secondary characters. From Dagny’s controlling parents to Jordan, Dagny’s free spirit friend. Edge Russell is a great psycho ex-lover. Tyler’s mother, Camilla adds not only to the story, but the Wicca element.

Reviewed by Magnolia