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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Review: Hands Off

Hands Off
by Sharon Cullen

When the former fat girl and the former geek meet at their high school reunions, past desires are tossed aside as new ones ignite. But when Mia's old insecurities return, can Jack convince her she's deserving of his love?

Jump into the class reunion of your dreams. "Hands Off" by Sharon Cullen is a celebration of self, of personal victory, even of sexual victory, while it mingles with the rediscovery, recognition of others. This is the exhultant reunion everyone wants, with the kind of sexual relationship one couldnt't even imagine in high school.

Stunner Mia Sutherland remembers a lot of unkind fellow students from her high school years. Mia, 'former fat girl' as she thinks of herself, plans to sweep victoriously into the high school crowd. In a way, this is kind of predictable ; the classic envy of the popular doll, the crush on the captain of the football team. Still, Cullen has no trouble bringing her lively main character Mia out of the cliched background, and really creates someone wonderful, with delightfully funny hangups (should we give away the Lingerie fetish?) Part of the delight is certainly that so many things that you, the reader, will so want to happen, happen! It's great!

Indeed, the great strength of this story is its contrasts: that predictable insecure girl of the past, juxtaposed with a confident woman. The joys of noting ye olde blond bombshell's facial lines... the leaping at opportunity! Guess the outcome? Maybe, not... in "Hands Off", every line is an enjoyable read. This is just a scream!

Review by Snapdragon