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Monday, March 17, 2008

Review: Forbidden Temptation (book 2)

Forbidden Temptation
by Paula Graves

Her secrets became his passion...

Hot-shot criminal profiler Daniel Hartman was looking for a man called Orion. Leading a manhunt through Birmingham for the killer, Daniel was trying to put old ghosts to rest. But this time Orion’s target was Rose Browning, a matchmaking wedding planner with a gift for predicting true love. Tempted by secrets she couldn’t reveal, Daniel insisted on offering some very personal protection. He would get her to open up, but at a price. Would he be able to safeguard this raven-haired beauty before his desires for revenge become an obsession?

Forbidden Temptation was a book I couldn’t wait to read. I loved the previous book in the “Forbidden” series by Paula Graves and was ready to be sucked in to another great romantic suspense.

I absolutely enjoyed this story. The suspense was very well written and, though I thought I had it figured out about halfway through, I was only partly correct—so that made me very happy! I love a good mystery that keeps me guessing.

The heroine’s paranormal gift was amazingly different. I remember wondering how the author was going to use Rose’s ability to see “true love veils” when I read the first book. After all, how can that possibly be used in a suspense novel? Clearly, the author had it all figured out. She twisted Rose’s gift and made it not just unusual but fascinating as well.

The hero was strong and determined and focused. He knew what he wanted and he went after it. His mistrust of Rose was evident and understandable, and I couldn’t wait to see how he would overcome it.

My only complaint about this story is that I think the murder mystery overshadowed the romance. I didn’t really feel the love develop between the hero and heroine as strongly as I did in the previous book. The steps were there, but the emotion wasn’t. So that disappointed me. I was also disappointed at one twist at the end—I won’t say what happened, but I will say that I wanted our heroine to learn to trust her emotions and her heart without that crutch.

Despite those problems, this book has still earned its place on my keeper shelf, and I’m absolutely certain that I will pick it up to read again at some point. I am utterly thrilled with the series thus far. One more to go, and I can’t wait!

Review by Poppy