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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Review: A Dangerous Dream

by Mary Paine

Melissa’s dream has come true with a job at an exclusive Connecticut horse farm that trains Grand Prix show jumpers. She is determined to succeed in this world where vast wealth is coupled with intense ambition.

A sizzling attraction springs to life between Melissa and David, a handsome, talented trainer, but her future is threatened when an attempted murder takes place at the farm. She must decide who she can trust and if her long-held dream is worth the risk of her life…

A DANGEROUS DREAM gives the reader suspense, mystery, and a fabulous setting to enjoy as love weaves its way into the lives of Melissa and David.

At the elite Deer Creek Farm the reader sees behind the scenes of the glamour and glitz of horse shows like the Grand Prix to the hard work, skill, and talent that makes grand equestrian shows possible.

Melissa’s life is forever changed when she goes to Deer Creek Farm as an assistant barn manager. Early on the reader senses something is unusual about her being hired by such an elite stable. While she is not a part of this rarified world, she loves horses and is determined to use her considerable talent and skill to build a life for herself in this unique arena of life. When she encounters the reticent horse trainer David, who is just as career-oriented as she is, a subtle awareness begins to simmer.

As Mary Paine gives the reader a well-researched, insider view of the equestrian world where show horses are trained, she entangles David and Melissa and many secondary characters in an attempted murder mystery that threatens to ruin both their careers and the reputation of Deer Creek Farm. Misdeeds of long ago come to light as they struggle to overcome the trouble, but love rides out the storm, proving strong and true.

Ms. Paine, not only gives us a fantastic setting, romance, mystery, and suspense, she gives us a breathtaking surprise ending. A DANGEROUS DREAM is a special treat for readers who love mystery romance and a double treat for those who love horses as well.

Review by Camellia