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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Review: Cupid's Dilemma

Cupid’s Dilemma
by Mia Romano

Preston Heartgrove took his job as Cupid seriously. He made sure everyone who was supposed to fall in love on Valentine’s Day couldn’t resist each other. But when he’s required to find his own love of a lifetime, he doesn’t know where to start. Would he succeed without using magic, or die trying?

This was such an entertaining read! I had an absolute blast reading it. Mia Romano has written a fun, witty story that kept me grinning and laughing through the whole book.

Preston is just a hottie, and could possibly be the perfect man! The man is a logger most of the year… and Cupid for the other part of it. He’s got it all… romance, personality, a hot body and a cat. Okay, it’s a talking cat, but it is a cat! The problem? If he can’t get Miki to fall in love with him, he’ll lose more than just his wings. And this cupid knows just what to do for everyone else but his own love life has him stumped.

Miki Newton is clueless when it comes to Preston. She’s been eyeing his hot body for the last year, but figures he’s not interested in her. Her confusion as Preston seems to come on hot and then go cold is priceless, as Preston has no idea how to tell her of his feelings. Throw in a meddling best friend and Miki is ripe for mishaps.

This tale is chock full of situations that left me snickering and wondering what in the world would happen next. The entertaining hijinx of the secondary characters made for a comical addition to an already charming story. The eventual resolution was fun and left me with a smile on my face. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more books by Mia Romano.

Review by Viscaria