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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Considering Lily by Kara Lynn Russell

Considering Lily by Kara Lynn Russell
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Length: Short
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 Books
Review by Jasmine

Orchard Hill Residents – lock up your hearts!

Pansy Parker and Misty Green are rivals in romance. Each believes she is the town’s best matchmaker. Now, they’re going to settle the question for once and for all. They’re keeping track to see who can make the most matches in a year’s time.

No heart is safe in Orchard Hill – not even their own.

No one in his right mind would want to date salon owner Lily Robinson. Since her messy divorce, she has a chip on her shoulder the size of Mt. Rushmore. However, veterinarian Ian O’Neil can’t help considering Lily as a potential girlfriend, even though, she is determined not to let any one get close enough to hurt her again…

But, with Easter coming, Lily is reminded that the Lord makes all things new, and she wonders if that includes her shattered heart.

With Ian’s help, can she learn to trust again?

The Parker-Green matchmaking feud continues in this third installment of the Orchard Hill series! Pansy Parker and Misty Green are both competing for the title of the best “matchmaker”. Both claim they are better than the other. The terms, made in the beginning of the year are that whoever makes the most matches within the year, is the winner. When scouting for her victims, Pansy Parker found her newest preys right under her nose: Lily Robinson and Ian O’Neil.

Lily Robinson moved to Orchard Hill damaged from an abusive husband. Living life full of distrust, she is afraid to let anyone be close to her. The only person whom she has opened up to is Grace, her best friend. Since she is the local hair stylist, she gets a visit from Pansy Parker who suggests that she volunteer for the local adoption fair. And of course who should show up for that event: none other than the local veterinarian, Ian O’Neil.

Ian O’Neil has been interested in Lily Robinson since she moved into town two years ago. But she has always held him at arms length. Through the adoption fair he is hoping for a chance to get to know her better. Furthermore, they are asked to become the best man and the bridesmaid for Grace and Riley’s wedding (Riley and Ian are brothers). God was definitely smiling down on him – this meant more time to spent with Lily. But as he grows closer to her, he realizes that tentacles from her past are still coiled tightly around her emotions as well as her life in the form of her jealous ex-husband. Can Ian show Lily that not all men are like her ex-husband? Can she learn to trust God and men again?

This story of restoration and faith was very sweet. The characters are alive and real. Lily’s journey from suspicion to trust is very believable. The readers are able to see her slowly placing her trust in the humans around her. It is not a sudden trip, but a painfully slow one with setbacks. Even though this is the third book in the series, not reading the other two does not detract from the story. The stories of the couples from the first two books are mentioned, however, the readers will not feel as if they are missing something. Each story is a stand alone with minor characters from the other books. The writing is fast paced and the plotline moves fairly quickly. I especially liked the fact that both Lily’s and Ian’s thoughts were included in the story. It made the story seem fuller since the readers have all the perspectives. I am eagerly looking forward to the next book in this series and the continuation of the Parker-Green feud!