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Monday, March 10, 2008

Review: Compromising Positions

Compromising Positions
by Dara Edmondson

Meet Crystal, Patsy and Maureen – three friends in their forties trying to run the obstacle course of mid-life.

Crystal thinks she has the perfect marriage until she starts fantasizing about a handsome coworker. But when she suspects her husband is having more than fantasies about another woman, she digs in her heels and fights for what’s hers.

Patsy discovers her Neanderthal husband Bud having sex with his bowling buddy and wearing women’s underwear. When Bud tries to take more than his fair share in the divorce, Patsy sets out to humiliate him into submission.

Maureen has enough trouble trying to survive life with her rebellious teenaged daughter Rhianna. When she starts dating the teacher Rhianna has a secret crush on, the fur flies.

Compromising Positions by Dara Edmondson is an earthy look at three women and one teen as they face difficult moments in their lives. Divorce, infidelity, temptation, casual teen sex and drug use, cross-dressing adulterers: This novel has it all and tackles it all without sugar-coating or sensationalizing. The author skillfully weaves together her various storylines, interconnecting and overlapping them without ever confusing the reader or making any of the characters seem too similar.

I was instantly drawn into this novel and especially enjoyed that it was so realistic. I found it refreshing to read a romance where a heroine is facing such everyday concerns as keeping the spice in her marriage or handling a come-on from a co-worker. The author’s readable style combined with excellent descriptions and genuine characters made for a pleasurable read.

The only complaint I might make was the slightly too-perfect ending to some of the storylines. But if you are looking for a true-to-life romance with (mostly) grown-up heroes and heroines, you will love Compromising Positions.

Review by Hydrangea