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Friday, March 28, 2008

Review: Come Back, My Love

Come Back, My Love
by Sylvia Rochester

When an antique locket turns a Civil War reenactment into reality, Olivia Montgomery disappears into the past, leaving Joseph Underwood a suspect in her murder. She finds herself in the arms of Prentice Angelle, a Confederate surgeon. Amid the fervor and uncertainty of this tumultuous era, they fall in love. Happiness turns to disaster when a spurned riverboat captain attempts to kidnap Olivia. His action triggers her return to the present. Can true love overcome the barrier of time?

"Come back, My Love" by Sylvia Rochester is one of those hard to define romances that is both contemporary and historical, paranormal yet still completely plausible.

Oliva Montgomery, in the midst of a reenactment, suffers a momentary magic and falls out of time. She lands in the era of the Civil War, only to discover her own true love.

While this may sound like the classic time travel romance, it really is one step beyond. While lovely heroine Olivia Montgomery struggles to adapt to the time, present day occurences (the investigation into her 'murder') make us realize she desperately needs to return to her own time. She must save an innocent man; her friend and museum curator Joseph Underwood.

At the same time, readers will empathize with her attachment to Confederate doctor and principled man Prentice Angell. The tug between the two times is not all however; Olivia's beauty attracts the attention of a less-than-worthy soldier, and the threat to her is nearly palpable. Her life, as part of the past, is threatened. The interplay between the main characters - as well as some supporting ones (like Joseph) is warm ; heartfelt and enthralling. Rochester has a gift for light dialogue and subtle humor. She also gives us feel-like-you were there descriptions of battle, and life in yesteryear. From the reenactment to the battlefield, home life to river boat, the scenes are incredibly well described and in many cases, memorable.

This romance is a paranormal because it steps out of the bounds of time, but any reader of historicals, and especially those interested in the Civil War years, will thoroughly enjoy this tale.

Review by Snapdragon