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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Review: Almost Guilty

Almost Guilty
by Isabel Mere

She cannot run far enough. Accused of a heinous crime, Jacie Fielding flees to London. Denied access to the profession she hungers for, she is hunted by those who want her silenced..and unwillingly is drawn to the very man who can expose her. He has searched too long. In ruthless pursuit of the truth behind his friends' murders, Gabriel Rayne is determined to prove Jacie's involvement in the crime. And battle losing his heart to the very woman he must accuse. They are. Each other's adversary.and salvation. A tale of love and intrigue by the author of Almost Taken

Isabel Mere’s skill with words and the turn of a phrase makes ALMOST GUILTY a joy to read. Her characters reach out and pull the reader into the trials, tribulations, simple pleasures, and sensual joy that they enjoy.

Jacie, a single-minded woman who is determined to one day be a doctor, works toward realizing her goal in life despite The Tragedy that forced her to flee her home and go to London. Alone, with mean people seeking to do her harm, she takes an assumed name. Trying to be invisible, she works, studies, lives frugally, and searches for the truth about her brother’s death and the events leading up to it.

Love tiptoes in amid a wealth of suspicions and intriguing plots that are afoot to implicate her in murder.

Gabriel, an independently wealthy third son of an Earl, suspects Jacie of being involved in the murder of two of his friends. At first, he sought her company to ferret out information but soon found himself seeking her company because he couldn’t get her off his mind or out of his heart.

Ms. Mere’s unravels the tangled web of murder, smuggling, kidnapping, hatred and faithless friends, while weaving a web of caring, sensual love that leaves a special joy and hope in the reader’s heart.

At times, I felt the story had too many secondary characters but they didn’t keep me from turning the pages to see how Gabriel and Jacie bridged the gap between their two very different worlds and how they came to live happy ever after despite tremendous odds. And, of course, that special love scene near the end, so good!

Review by Camellia