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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Review: Wild Heather (English Ivy Series Book 2)

Wild Heather (English Ivy series Book 2)
by Catherine Palmer

Two families torn apart . . .

Two hearts drawn together . . .

One impossible love

Olivia Hewes’s one dream is to make Chatham Manor’s wool-producing venture profitable. If she fails, she’ll be forced to trade her independence for a loveless marriage. Her most threatening competition comes from neighboring estate owner Randolph Sherbourne.

Sherbourne is a beloved benefactor of the town of Otley—beloved, that is, by all except his nearest neighbors: the Hewes family of Chatham Manor. Tormented by the recent death of his father, Randolph has little time to spare for the centuries-old feud between thetwo estates.

When Olivia and Randolph cross paths unexpectedly, they’re drawn toward a forbidden love that will mean betraying both their families. But when they discover the shocking truth about the death of Randolph’s father, their future happiness seems doomed.

Wild Heather had a slightly more dramatic feel to it than some of the others that Catherine Palmer has written. Maybe because of the Romeo and Juliet theme of family feuds and forbidden love. It wasn’t a lighthearted read, but I don’t mean that in any way as a negative. The book was very entertaining, and drew me in from page one. And unlike Romeo and Juliet, there was, at least, a satisfying ending. But I won’t say more on that and possibly give away anything.

I don’t know this author personally, but she must have done a lot of study of human nature. She is very good at showing how fickle people can be, and how evil fallen man can be. But her books are always filled with hope, that even sinful human beings can overcome mistakes, even grievous ones that might not have been their own doing, and through the love of Christ make things new. Wild Heather is no exception. It’s a beautiful, clear picture of redemption and the beauty God can make out of man’s mess ups. Nothing inappropriate, and of course, no cursing or other type of fowl language.

Highly recommended for women and girls of all ages.

Review by Violet