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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Review: When The Light Was Still New

When the Light was Still New
by Elrena Evans

When the daughter of a vineyard owner is betrothed to a man she cannot love, she pleads with her father to reconsider. But, in ancient Israel, age-old traditions are not dismissed lightly.

Can she escape the forced marriage? Will she be allowed to marry her true love? And what will her betrothed do when he finds out she is trying to get out of the arrangement?

When you’re a young woman living in a world of men’s traditions, sometimes all you can do is pray for a miracle.

The heroine of this story is in love. And she’s thrilled when her father announces he has made a match for her. But when she discovers it is not her beloved Gibbor her father intends her for, she is devastated. Will she and the man she loves be able to convince her father to let them marry?

This cute little Bible era romance was a gentle, heartwarming read. I liked the way the author brought the ancient time period to life through dialogue, habits of the characters, and a few setting props, yet without burdening the reader with too much description. It was a good blend. I might have liked a touch more conflict, or what was there could have been carried out a little longer, but it was a short story after all, so there might not have been room for that. I loved the end. I didn’t see it coming at first, but to explain more is to give that ending away. I recommend this story for women of all ages.

Review by Violet