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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Review: Vampires Are Forever

Vampires Are Forever
by Lyndsay Sands


Inez Urso is beginning to have her doubts. Her business associate Thomas Argeneau has some interesting traits, like an allergic reaction to the sun, excellent night vision, and not much of an appetite for food. And to top it all off, he just tried to bite her neck . . . but maybe that was a sign of passion. If so, she’d be happy to experience more, despite her determination not to mix business with pleasure.


Well, if not forever, at least two hundred years. Inez is the most beautiful woman he’s seen in centuries. Those luscious lips, seductive curves, and her elegant neck . . . he just couldn’t resist the temptation of one little bite. Now Thomas will do anything to convince her that only an immortal like him can satisfy her all night long . . .

Have you ever heard the phrase, "The worst day fishing is better than the best day working"? I bring this up because I'm going to say something that might sound like a negative: This was not my favorite Lyndsay Sands book.

Now... despite that, the "worst" Lyndsay Sands book is often better than the "best" any other book. The simple fact is this: Ms. Sands oozes talent.

Vampires Are Forever doesn't disappoint in the humor or the sexy categories at all. Thomas is a hottie who can't keep his very talented hands off of his new life mate, Inez. And Inez is a typically level-headed, competent worker who's thrown off her stride when she discovers she's been working for a company of vampires. And, when she's flustered, she often spouts off in Portugese, much to the amusement of this reader and to the disgust of Thomas, who doesn't speak one word.

Add to this an immortal who keeps trying to control and kidnap Inez, the disappearance of Thomas' Aunt Marguerite, and an impatient Thomas who wants to turn Inez into a vampire whether she wants it or not, and you have a whole lot going on.

The one thing I missed in this story, the thing that made this into a "less-than-fave" Argeneau book for me was the lack of interactions with a strong cast of secondary characters. Thomas and Inez spend 85% of this book alone, and I think one of the great strengths of most of Ms. Sands books are the fun and interesting interactions of the secondary cast. Near the end, when they all started showing up, I didn't want to put the book down! Finally, it was everything I could want from one of Lyndsay Sands' books! That was what I wanted from the start!

Still, as I pointed out, despite the fact that this didn't meet my (exceptionally high!) expectations, this was not a book I would consider a waste of time or money. I'll happily add it to my keeper shelf alongside the rest of the series, and will be first in line to pick up the next book...especially since this book left me hanging!

Review by Poppy