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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Review: The Truth About Daydreams

The Truth About Daydreams
by Donna Michaels

I, Lexi Harper, college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Network Cyber Security, used to have a sound mind, until I returned to my hometown of Fodders Creek and attended the Malloy’s cookout. Eagerly looking forward to seeing the man of my constant daydreams, Brad Malloy, I hadn’t counted on his younger brother, Sammy, my childhood partner-in-crime, to have transformed into a super hero hunk capable of attracting my signal.

Did I waste all those years Brad-worshiping when I should’ve noticed my best friend? I realized the answer the moment I discovered the Truth About Daydreams.

Lexi Harper has always carried a torch for Brad Malloy, the handsome older brother of her childhood friend and partner in crime, Sammy. No longer a child, Lexi returns to her hometown for a cookout at the Malloy brother’s home, hoping to finally live out her daydream of being in Brad’s arms. But Lexi isn’t the only one who has grown up. She’s quite surprised when she comes face to face with Sammy.

This was very short, only seven pages of actual story content. But it was very well done. I didn’t find it too rushed, like many short short stories can be. Lexi’s voice came through loud and clear, with a casual, chick-litish feel to it. Humorous, sexy, yet remaining sweet in content, it was a fun read. I recommend it to women of any age.

Review by Violet