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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Review: The Treasure Within

The Treasure Within [Legacy Of The Celtic Brooch 6]
by Dana Mentink

Things aren’t always perfect in paradise. Lorna Amerino flees to Hawaii to find peace but she finds herself trying to save a struggling coffee shop for lovable old Pappy, a blind man who is convinced he can see. Pappy says he’s got a treasure hidden somewhere and his silver brooch is the key. To complicate things, Kai Keala lends a hand and stirs Lorna’s heart in the process. She’s not ready for love, even though Kai is as delicious as the coffee he grows on his plantation. Can he and Lorna find the treasure before Pinks goes under? Or will it fall into the hands of the person wants to destroy them all?

Dana Mentink takes her readers on a trip to the beautiful islands of Hawaii, where things aren't always so beautiful and serene. In addition to trying to keep a struggling coffee shop going with a more modern one just down the street and an old blind man who believes he can see, Lorna also has to deal with a group of senior citizen naturalists and a man who is showing her a great deal of interest, even though she's not sure she's ready for love.

I smiled often while I was reading The Treasure Within. I found myself reading parts of this novella aloud to my husband...from Pappy's "seeing" to the reaction of Maria who works at the coffee shop when the Natural Beauties show up. I joined with Lorna in her suspicions and ached with Kai to discover what had made Lorna shut her heart off to love.

You will discover, along with the citizens of The Treasure Within that the treasure truly is within...and that God definitely does provide in a most amazing way. Just read the story and you'll see how.

Review by Rose