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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Review: Tales From The Treasure Trove Vol. III

by multi – Anthology

Seven DISTINCTIVE AUTHORS offer new, short, exciting Tales from the Treasure Trove—each featuring a sparkling jewel!

Seven COMPELLING COUPLES discover romance, suspense, second chances, forces of nature, a love triangle, or the supernatural.

Seven ENTERTAINING SITUATIONS feature destined lovers, threatened worlds, cursed stones, dangerous secrets, mysterious talismans…or even poisoned pies!

TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, VOLUME III is a collection of romance stories that is diverse and well written. The writers each have distinctive styles that tempt, tease, and excite the reader’s imagination. While a happy-ever-after is anticipated, each story takes twists and turns in the plot that makes the reader anxious for the “good guys”.

For the reader who grew up with ‘genie-in the-bottle’ tales, The Turquoise Talisman” is a jewel of a story to be enjoyed again and again.

“The Tanzanite Curse” brings the reader a ‘yummy’ lover who transcends time to be with the heroine, who does so need to experience true love.

“Princess Sapphire”, set in Montana in 1880’s, brings the reader a historical romance full of the mores and charm of the time as the lovers find their way to each other.

The mystery story “Mrs. Clause and the Moonstone Murder” has several side trips that can confuse and the humor can be distracting at times. But the main plot is intriguing.

“Bloodstone Legacy” is a lovely fantasy with dragons and beasts with glowing eyes mixed in with the goodness in the light and the evil in the darkness that make the heart race.

“Revenge in Amethyst” is a modern romance that’s invaded by evil. The demon-possessed enemy finds the heroine, making for some breathtaking fear and action.

Lastly, “Garnet Nights” is a feel-good romance about a young mother who is a survivor. When it seems like life has defeated her on every turn, she finds true love.

The collection of romance stories offers a variety of life styles and worlds but one constant can be found over the ages and in all the life styles—true love finds a way and humanity find physical, emotional, and spiritual joy in life.

Review by Camellia