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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Review: Stealing My Heart

Stealing my Heart
by Sheridon Smythe

When single mother Amber James allows her son to spend a week with her ex, her anxiety over the separation triggers the resurgence of a pesky, embarrassing problem Amber thought she’d conquered for good. Saved from certain jail time by a handsome stranger, she finds herself falling head over heels in love with the zany, captivating Luke Denver. Instead of lectures and accusations, Luke is determined to find out why she’s suddenly developed sticky fingers again, while letting her know in a bone-melting, knee-weakening way he’s interested in more than a knight-in-shining-armor position.

Stealing my Heart is a spicy, fast-paced story that will make readers’ toes tingle as hunky Luke Denver and kleptomaniac Amber James find that a chance meeting leads to lust and eventually true love. These characters first meet in a department store, where bartender/aspiring actor Luke saves single mom Amber from walking out with a purse full of panties she’s about to shoplift. From there, the relationship heats up, as the characters discover an immediate mutual attraction and take just a few days to act on it.

This short story is cute, well-written, and honest about what adults crave. Amber longs for sex and love, and she wastes no time going after either once she meets Luke. In return, he’s a kind, caring guy who’s more than willing to help her face her hidden demons and analyze why she can’t walk into a store without pilfering something. An explicit bedroom scene near the end of the story seals their commitment to each other, and the happy ending is natural and satisfying.

Readers may take issue with the fact that the heroine steals, and the hero lies to the authorities to keep her from going to jail. And be prepared: those carnal details leave nothing to the imagination! Overall, though, Stealing my Heart is an entertaining read by a talented author.

Reviewer: Dandelion