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Monday, February 11, 2008

Review: Settling Back

Settling Back
by Lainey Bancroft

Angelina Jordan has lived up to her late mother’s wish that she never settle for an ordinary life and it’s left her feeling—unsettled. When the grandmother who raised her breaks a hip, she returns to the tiny northern Ontario town she couldn’t wait to escape and is surprised to discover it feels like home for the first time in years. She is also amazed to discover she still shares an incredible connection with Billy, her high school sweetheart. It’s just too bad he’s the same carefree and utterly lacking in ambition man she left behind. How can she be so attracted to who he is, when she finds what he is distasteful?

Lainey Bancroft's "Settling Back" is an engaging contemporary romance featuring powerful chemistry between the main characters. Bancroft gives us some delectabley annoying characters, as well.

Angelina Jordan is beginning to question her choices in life, in men and in her career path, and her commitment to both. Her friendship with Michelle allows her the opportunity to compare her approach to a relationship, to that of her friend's. When she runs into a a friend who married her high school sweetheart, she gains a different perspective. As a full-time magazine photographer, she has seen much of the seemier side of life. At the start, she is just beginning to wonder if she has, herself, made the best of choices.

In the midst of self-doubt, a voice from the past reminds her of a whole different way of life. A life she left, a life in fact, she could not even imagine, a few years before. However, the same opportunities might not still exist... and the current life is not all that willing to just let go, either.

Although our main character is introspective, the plot moves forward rapidly. Angelina is poised between two worlds, and rides the storm of the inevitable culture clash. Jazzy dialogue, much of it is between the two very different, yet very attracted main characters, really carries this story. Bancroft has careful attention to detail, but never gets bogged down in descriptions. In 'Settling back' a very complex main character reviews life, considers relationships between other couples, and wonders at her own choices. This is a journey any of us might share: 4 books

review by Snapdragon