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Monday, February 18, 2008

Review: Inferno

by Karen Harper

Bush pilot Lauren Taylor knows better than most the devastation fire can leave in its wake: two years ago she lost her husband to a raging wildfire. But when she flies a stranger into her isolated hometown of Vermillion, Montana, her actions may be the spark that starts an inferno. Because the mysterious passenger bears an undeniable resemblance to a serial arsonist wanted by the FBI—and he's disappeared into the tinder-dry woods…

FBI agent Brad Hale doesn't have time to fly into picturesque towns based on one woman's vague suspicions, but Lauren Taylor seems desperate. And when her young son goes missing, he realizes the little boy may hold the key to his investigation. Hot on the stranger's trail, Lauren and Brad will do anything to stop a man bent on destruction…even if that means rushing headlong into the flames.

I picked up Inferno the other night to have something to read for a few minutes before bed. It wasn't on my list to review. I was scheduled to review Karen's new book being released this week, Below the Surface. All I wanted was something to read for a little while before turning off the light. Boy, did I ever make a mistake.

Karen Harper caught me with the first page of the prologue and pulled me into the story with her descriptions, her characterizations, and the shear "what will happen next" that kept me turning pages way after that light should have been turned off. As a matter of fact, I literally could not put the book down until I discovered what happened to Lauren, Brad, and Nicky. When Nicky went missing, my eyes filled with tears because I could feel the mother's pain and panic.

Karen Harper has a gift for creating suspense from the beginning of a book and sustaining it until the end. A fact I would have done well to remember when picking up a book at eleven o'clock at night.

Review by Rose

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