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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Review: If Wishes Were Dog Biscuits

If Wishes Were Dog Biscuits
by Betsy Ann St. Amant

Bailey Sinclair has only one friend outside of her dog - Luke Pierson. They'd been through everything together?or so she thought. When she discovers her precious black lab, Chevy is missing; Bailey and Luke must weather two storms together ? the one roaring outside, and the one brewing in her heart.

When Bailey Sinclair loses her dog, Chevy, she’s devastated. He’s only her second best friend in the world. Luke, who happens to be Bailey’s number one best friend, has spent hours out in the rain and sleet looking for the escape artist mut, to no avail. Bailey and Luke are almost ready to give up and accept the inevitable. But there’s still hope in the form of prayer. And maybe, just maybe this horrible night that they’d both prefer never to repeat, will show them something even more important than their mutual love for the big, slobbery Chevy.

Inspired by actual events in the life of the author’s dog, this story is something that any dog lover will be able to identify with. Betsy St. Amant captures very well the raw emotion and desperation that can come with the loss of a beloved animal. She also portrayed with painful honesty the weaknesses that a person of faith, even one with a strong faith, might face when prayers appear to go unanswered. But God is not dead, nor is He distant and uncaring. This sweet little story is a testament to how He cares for His own, even in the seemingly small things. Although, let’s face it, anyone who owns and loves a pet will not think the loss of one a small thing.

I liked how the author was able to show the Biblical truth that “all things work together for the good of those who love God.” The spiritual message was woven expertly throughout the story, but did not come across as overbearing. I found Bailey’s character well developed, especially for so short a story. And Luke...well, I won’t ruin anything there. You’ll have to read the story to find out just how dreamy he is. There was nothing whatsoever inappropriate in this story. A short, but heartwarming read recommended for women and girls of all ages.

Review by Violet