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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Review: If Tombstones Could Talk

If Tombstones Could Talk
by Stacey Joy Netzel

History aficionado Melanie Sparks takes a walking tour of the cemetery in her new Colorado town and learns more about one of the past residents than she ever could've imagined. The story behind Andrew Lindeman's tragic death during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush in 1859 triggers dreams in which she relives his last moments. She’s drawn closer to the handsome ghost while she resolves to clear his tarnished name. A passionate kiss sets his spirit free, but will Melanie lose her heart for good?

Attorney Melanie Sparks, though a very modern woman, wants an old fashioned kind of guy to sweep her off her feet. She never expected that guy would be the man for which her town was 1859! What kind of future can she have with a ghost?

This was a very enjoyable, sexy little read. I couldn’t help wondering, as I went along, how the author would resolve the issue of Melanie’s “aliveness” and the hero’s, well, “deadness”. That, alone, might have kept me reading, but the swoon-worthy ghost/hero made me want more of him as well. Another winner in the short story category.

If you want something quick and captivating, this is a good choice. I’d probably give it a sensual rating rather than sweet, but there wasn’t anything more graphic than some passionate kissing. I would recommend this to women of most ages.

Review by Violet