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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Review: Hot Night At The Blue Bug Saloon

Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon
Rita Thedford

Her friends call her the Intimidator. All the fellas in Wayback, Texas are overwhelmed by her outrageous curves and sassy personality. But sexy as sin cowboy Nash Logan isn’t afraid of anything. Eight seconds on a crazy-mad bull? No problem. Taming a bucking bronco? A snap. When Gina Ballew saunters up to him one night at the Blue Bug Saloon, he knows its going to take an easy hand to tame this sweet Texas lady. It’s going to be a Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon.

Burned by a fiancĂ©, Gina Ballew is not about to trust a man again. She is known as the Intimidator to her friends and the local guys, never letting anyone get too close. She uses her sharp wit and smart mouth to keep men at a safe distance. Nash Logan is about to change Gina’s thinking, make no mistake. He is one hot cowboy who has his eye on curvy Gina. He will need all the patience he can muster to get her to trust and take a chance on him.

Gina and Nash are an explosive combination. They are smart, funny, sexy and extremely likable. The night of memorable passion shared by our couple is so realistic, I felt like a voyeur. Knowing there is something very special between them, I found myself cheering Nash on as he patiently wooed Gina and gained her trust. The descriptive power of Rita Thedford places the reader right smack in the midst of a dusty little Texas town, attending the rodeo with all of the chills and spills, the smells and sights brought to vivid life on the pages. If you are looking to snuggle up with a red hot cowboy, you won’t go wrong with Nash Logan and Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon.

Reviewed by Wisteria