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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Review: Dragon Rescue

Dragon Rescue
by Rachel Reeves

The elfin princess, Jenna, craves adventure in her life. She finds herself soaring through the sky on the back of the dragon, Camille. Life suddenly takes a turn as she crash-lands and is rescued by a handsome stranger.

Simon of Buxham is on a quest to find his childhood friend who’d gone missing some weeks ago. He’d never claimed to be an adventurer and has no clue what he’s doing climbing up a godforsaken mountain. Just as he thinks about turning back, another damsel in distress requires his assistance.

Jenna is an elfin princess who has a tendency toward getting into mischief. Though her heart is in the right place, her hasty decisions often land her in trouble. In this story, one hasty decision lands her in the middle of a lake, where she is rescued by a handsome stranger.

Simon is searching for a missing childhood friend when fate, or rather a dragon, drops a beautiful woman directly in his path. Will he continue on his journey, or will this beautiful distraction lead him down another path?

This fun story immediately drew me in by creating empathy with the heroine, Jenna, an elfin princess. Her outward appearance is that of a proper young woman, but inside she’s a bit of a rebel yearning for adventure. It was easy to visualize what was happening with vivid descriptions of characters and scenery. I especially enjoyed the “cute meet” scene. The author did a great job revealing the characters’ thoughts, feelings and motivation. Simon is my favorite type of hero, the strong, sensual rescuer of damsels in distress. Both the hero and the heroine care about other people, as evidenced by their actions. There was just the right mix of action, humor and romance. The story definitely left me wanting more, so I am eagerly awaiting the next story in Rachel Reeves’ Dragon series.

Review by Daffodil