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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Review: Danger In Her Arms

Danger In Her Arms
Phyllis Campbell

Taylor Marshal and her daughter need protecting, yet the bodyguard assigned is the one man she fears the most.

Three years earlier, Taylor gave her heart and body to stranger. After a whirlwind affair of unbridled passion, her hopes were crushed when she finds out her lover, Cory Ross, is a hit man. When she witnesses him take another man’s life then watches her new found love fall from a cliff after being shot, her heart shatters. The only thing left to soothe Taylor’s broken soul is the little life growing inside her. The last thing she expects to find is Cory Ross alive – and back in her life as her own personal bodyguard.

Cory thought his luck had changed after his near death experience in the Bahamas. But when he looks into the eyes of the woman who he suspected had something to do with his accident, he realizes his new assignment to protect her and her young daughter will be pure hell. But to fall in love all over again with Taylor Marshall will be sheer torture.

Taylor Marshall has had her share of heartache. Watching the man she loves take another man’s life then fall to his death is more than she thinks she can bear. Discovering she is pregnant with her lover’s child is a consolation, but she unprepared for his reappearance three years later, as her bodyguard.

Cory Ross believes the woman he loved betrayed him. Assigned to protect Taylor and her daughter is a tougher assignment than he has ever had to endure. He only hopes he will be strong enough to protect them from the danger stalking them and not fall in love all over again.

Danger in Her Arms is a a story about the dark heart of desire. Phyllis Marie Campbell draws readers into a tale filled with romance and intrigue. Taylor and Cory dance around each other, testing the walls each has erected while trying to solve the puzzle of why they are so drawn to each other. The secrets each harbor is an extra enticement to keep readers wondering if these two will ever find a way to be together.

Danger in Her Arms is a fine tale to keep you up late at night, turning pages to reach the surprising conclusion.

Reviewed by Wisteria