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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Review: The Awakening

The Awakening
by Rene Lyons

Note: Unable to find a blurb on site or anywhere else.

Lyons' new fantastical romance, 'The Awakening' takes us on a journey into a mythical and dangerous world.

War marches on the Kingdom of Artane war between mortal and immortal, and between royalty and the houses of aristocracy. The Kingdom of Artane is being pulled apart; as are its people. In the quiet province of Artane, Lady Rianna has become one of the first captives.

The very original plot is beyond intriguing. The highly charged sensual nature of the work - which begins with Lady Rianna in the hands of the invading army - heightens the tension throughout. The explicit scenes are well done and are a realistic piece of the plot.

The complexity of the back history however, means that at times the action slows while we ponder how certain circumstances occurred. Still, descriptions are well done, and one can picture the land and the strangely pale countenances of the unblessed fighters. Deadly dragons and cruel, immortal evil-doers people this tale, although Lady Rianna is to discover that even demons can harbor certain unexpected qualities. And Warrick, demon leader, is to discover she harbors some secrets herself.

From battlefield to the long horseback trek to distant Pengryffin Castle, and the castle environs as well, Rianna struggles first to protect her people, and herself. (Note: The cover is worth 4 books by itself. It fits the story well and offers an idea of the drama within. )

Review by Snapdragon